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Advice for individuals

Choosing an aid for yourself or for a family member can be particularly difficult if you do not have knowledge of what the market offers and the technical and functional differences of the various principals.
Roll Star, with a dedicated consultancy service, is aimed directly at private customers in order to accompany the choice of the most appropriate aid to individual needs.
Our Sementina store has a large showroom where you can test and evaluate different products and benefit from the advice of our experts. If the customer can not reach our shop, it is possible to arrange home-based consultancy to evaluate the context in which the user will have to move.
For any information or advice, please contact us on +41 91 857 67 33 or send us an email to

Advice for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics

Increasingly complex procedures and regulations together with a market able to offer products in constant development in terms of materials, technologies and applications often entail the need for information and clarifications for those who are called to choose and purchase medical equipment.
Competence and experience therefore become essential requirements to meet the needs of healthcare professionals who are looking for a partner able to research, select and identify equipment and complex facilities. It is with this awareness that the Roll Star staff follows a continuous training course at an international level aimed at the constant updating on the techniques, products and innovations that the world market offers.

After Sales

Assistance, maintenance, modifications and repairs become essential elements, especially in the healthcare sector.
For over thirty years, Roll Star bases its reliability on the service, especially in the after-sales service, when problems really can represent enormous obstacles for those in difficult conditions.
Our technicians and our mechanics guarantee an assistance service, even at home, throughout the Italian part of Switzerland.
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Understanding the theoretical principles and techniques for the use of different aids becomes an ever more pressing need among the carers who are called upon to be always updated on the latest news on the market.
To respond to this need for continuing education on the part of health professionals, Roll Star has developed a series of "tailor-made" courses with the possibility of modulating them according to the cognitive level of the participants. The areas of training intervention are currently:
Any other issues can be addressed according to the specific needs of the applicant, creating tailor-made training moments.
For any information or request, please contact us on +41 91 857 67 33 or send us an email to

Second Hand