Roll-Star 86


Roll-Star OrthoRehab, thanks to its highly qualified personnel, can provide the following services:

Foot orthopedics

The orthopedics of the foot is an effective treatment to solve problems of cross-foot, flat, valgus, hollow, equine foot through:
• Orthopedic insoles
• Orthopedic shoes after sports injuries, operations and diabetics
• Orthopedic footwear
• Post-operative footwear
• Semi-orthopedic shoes
• Orthotic shoes

Orthoses and prostheses

• Upper limb prostheses
• Lower limb prostheses
• Positioning orthoses
• Discharge orthoses
• Fixation and guide orthosis with polycentric carbon joint
• With single-center articulation
• Dynamic knee extension orthosis
• Hip drainage orthoses
• Support and correction busts
• 3-point corset
• Scoliosis Corset
• Orthoses for dysplasia
• Abduction orthoses
• Sarmiento device
• Splint for the thumb
• Philadelphia type cervical support
• Thermo-molded collar
• Schanz collar
• Custom-made helmet for plagiocephaly
• Custom-made helmet
• Protection mask
• Orthetics for the session

Compressive therapy

Compressive stocking therapy is a treatment for venous, lymphatic, lipodemic problems following burns and post-operative scarring:
• Elastic stockings and tights with physiological compression