Consultations for orthopedic services

Ortotecnica SA is an orthopedic laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, where a team of skilled and specialized technicians is responsible for the production of custom-made insoles, orthoses, various orthopedic articles, as well as pre-packaged items.

For any information, please call +41 91 857 67 33.

servizi ortopedici

Consultancy for individuals

Choosing an assistive device for oneself or a family member can be particularly challenging without knowledge of what the market offers and the technical and functional differences of various aids.

Roll Star, with its dedicated advisory service, directly caters to private customers in order to guide them in choosing the most suitable assistive device based on individual needs.

Our Sementina store features a vast showroom where you can test and evaluate different products and benefit from the expertise of our professionals. If visiting our store is not feasible for the customer, we can arrange home consultations to assess the environment in which the user will operate.

For any information or advice, please contact us at +41 91 857 67 33 or send us an email at

Consultations for hospitals, institutions, and nursing homes

Increasingly complex procedures and regulations, combined with a market that offers products constantly evolving in terms of materials, technologies, and applications, often require information and clarification for those who are tasked with choosing and purchasing medical equipment.

Competence and experience become essential requirements to meet the needs of healthcare professionals who are seeking a partner capable of researching, selecting, and identifying complex equipment and devices.

It is with this awareness that the RollStar staff undergoes continuous international training to ensure ongoing updates regarding techniques, products, and innovations offered by the global market.

After-sales services

Support, maintenance, modifications, and repairs become essential elements, especially in the healthcare field.

For over thirty years, RollStar has built its reliability on service, particularly in the after-sales phase, when problems can truly be significant obstacles for those in difficult conditions.

Our technicians and mechanics provide assistance services, including home visits, throughout Italian-speaking Switzerland.

For any needs, please contact us at +41 91 857 67 33 or email us at

Learning courses

Understanding the theoretical principles and techniques for the use of different aids becomes an increasingly pressing need for healthcare professionals who are required to stay updated on market innovations.

To meet this need for continuous education among healthcare providers, RollStar has developed a series of customized courses that can be tailored based on participants’ knowledge levels.

The current areas of educational intervention are:

  • Knowledge of aids for proper posture
  • Management of patients at risk of pressure ulcers: prevention and treatment of pressure injuries
  • Patient handling and transfer: patient management and injury prevention
  • Multimodal approach to physical therapy for musculoskeletal conditions

Other topics can be addressed based on specific needs of the requester, creating tailor-made educational opportunities.

Second-hand market

The need to resell unused equipment and the desire to acquire one without purchasing a new product meet.

For those who want to sell or buy pre-owned aids, you can contact us, and we will be delighted to find the best solution based on your needs!