Exploring the World of Electric and Manual Pedals by Welly

If you’re looking for an effective way to train your lower or upper limbs comfortably at home, Welly’s electric and manual pedals are the ideal solution. The Welly E electric pedal is designed to offer a complete workout, whether you want to exercise your lower or upper limbs, you can use it resting on a table.

Weighing only 6 kg, the Welly E is lightweight and easily portable. The forward and backward pedal motion provides a dynamic workout, helping improve your endurance and muscle strength. The ergonomic shape of the pedals ensures a comfortable grip for your hands, making the training more enjoyable.

The foot strap adds a level of security to the experience, ensuring a stable and safe pedal stroke. Additionally, the Welly E provides crucial information such as time, calories burned, scan mode, and the final pedal count, allowing you to monitor your progress in detail.

Moving on to the manual pedal Welly M, this is an equally valid option for exercises dedicated to lower or upper limbs, perfect for assisted gymnastics and physiotherapy. With a flywheel mass of 2 kg, it offers adjustable resistance that adapts to your training needs.

Like the Welly E, the Welly M features an ergonomic shape of the pedals for a comfortable grip for your hands. The foot strap contributes to keeping the pedal stroke stable during exercises, providing security and tranquility during training.

Weighing only 5 kg, the Welly M is lightweight and easy to move, allowing you to adapt your training space to your needs.

Both Welly pedals are successfully sold throughout Ticino, confirming their popularity and reliability. In summary, Welly’s electric and manual pedals offer versatile solutions for your home workout routine. Choose between the dynamic Welly E or the adjustable Welly M for a personalized and effective gymnastics experience. Invest in your well-being and discover the benefits of targeted training with Welly pedals.

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