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Who we are

In 1986 Remo Semmler, with the intention of offering high-level professional support to people needing help, decided to give life to Roll Star. The affirmation on the market of Italian Switzerland is rapid thanks to the principle of seeking the maximum autonomy of each patient "because life is movement and movement is freedom", as our slogan recites.
Since then many things have changed but the philosophy and spirit on which the company's business is based is still the same. For this reason, Roll-Star has been synonymous with quality and reliability for 30 years in consulting, selling, renting and repairing ancillary equipment for the rehabilitation and geriatric sectors at both institutional and private clientele levels.
Today, Roll Star is a renowned company that, at its headquarters in Sementina, has a large show room where you can view and test aids and products. From the initial specialization on wheelchairs and auxiliary vehicles, Roll Star has been able to expand its offer by proposing new lines of products, from specialized furniture to physiotherapy, from ergotherapy to patient management. The search for the most appropriate materials, the constant attention to the most advanced construction techniques and the close collaboration with the major partners in the sector allow us to offer reliable and safe solutions, always in line with the expectations of the most demanding health professionals.

Business Ethics


The disability, temporary or permanent, involves a redefinition of the spaces and their habits in full respect of the person. The rehabilitation process therefore becomes essential to develop personal potential and to maintain residual functionalities. Sometimes it can be a hard and difficult path but in any case it is essential to ensure the maximum possible autonomy because life is movement and movement is freedom as our slogan recites. It is for these reasons that rehabilitation must be a right of all, inalienable as is the freedom of each one.

It is on this concept that, from the very beginning, our company philosophy is founded. And with the same spirit we want to help those who need guidance on the various existing aids, solutions to problems related to the products used, support in paperwork or even a simple advice for their own rehabilitation process that is always unique and personal.


Access to health care as well as the possibility to follow a rehabilitation program that meets your needs should really be a right for everyone. Often it is so but unfortunately not always. In many realities, far from our country, it is not a right but only a privilege reserved for a few.

We are aware that we can not change things but we are equally aware that something can be done. This is why we have decided to support some Swiss associations operating in countries where the level of health care is particularly low.
Our support comes in several ways, from the collection of prams and second-hand equipment to the study of specific projects for supplies and sanitary fittings in disadvantaged areas.

Roll Star OrthoRehab supports projects of:

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Where we are

Via Pobbia, 6514 Sementina - Switzerland